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Max & Madeleine

Max & Madeleine is on a mission to heal our children. Chemicals are making them sick and we want to be part of the movement to fix that. It starts with your biggest organ, your skin. We sell organic and non toxic skincare. We have a full line of baby skincare, a great organic skincare line for teens and also for mom.

Startup, Consumer Products
Founded in 2014

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Max & Madeleine sells organic and non toxic products for babies, teens and moms. Our business is a direct sales party plan structure (think Avon or Tupperware). We are launching in about two months. We are looking for some to ghost write our blog. Initially it will be one blog post a week and we will collaborate on content. We will be targeting moms and are looking for unique content for moms, probably how to's or info on harmful chemicals, reviews of products, etc.


Start immediately. It may involve a little research prior to writing.


We would like to see writing samples or links to other blogs you have written.

This job listing has expired.