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Clear Labs

Clear Labs
A new standard in food

Clear Labs is the standard for molecular food quality in the global food industry. We are pioneering food analytics, enabling the world's most respected food brands to differentiate on quality and to stand behind their value.

Clear Labs is also the entity behind Clear Food, the definitive online food database for consumers. Clear Food was started as an initiative to molecularly analyze the world’s food, helping consumers understand what is in the food they buy and eat. For more information, visit:

Clear Labs was founded in 2013 by a group of software engineers and genomic scientists to index the world's food supply and set worldwide standards for food integrity. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2014

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Food Conscious Blogger

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Clear Food, a division of Clear Labs, is dedicated to providing smarter food data and putting the trust back in food. We believe that people should feel confident in the food they're putting on the table. With our community's help, we're developing definitive monthly reports on the foods people care about most.

In order to further educate our community about how we're solving the challenge of accurate food data, we're looking to bring on a blogger to write for us. Check out the site and our current blog posts here to get a feel for our mission and voice: and

Someone with a journalistic background would be ideal, who can write posts on food and the food industry that are exciting and informational for our readers. Our goal is for this Peep to publish 2-3 blog posts per week to really ramp up our content.


TBD - maybe 20 hours or 2-3 posts per week


- Share any examples of food related blogs or content you've written in the past
- Why are you excited about our work at Clear Food?

This job listing has expired.