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Ludlow Ventures

Ludlow believes in VC without ego. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, avoiding the puffery and posturing that has given venture capital a bad name. We fund the dreams of entrepreneurs and startups, becoming close friends with all of the teams we invest in.

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Founded in 2009

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Jonathon Triest

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We have a video bloggish, web-series called - we're having a blast making them, and initial reactions have been positive, but we'd like to get the content in front of more people.

This job involves seeding the series with related content partners, industry influencers, forums and other channels.

We're open to suggestions on how to get the world out more and grow our audience.


1 month test


1) Please help us understand what channels you'd take advantage of to seed this, by listing three examples.

2) Showcase your understanding of players in the investment and VC market, by highlighting your related experience.

3) Share you favorite episode and why (so we can see you've checked out the series!)

This job listing has expired.