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Summarize This Week in Startups Episodes

Listing published on Sun, 06 Dec 2015. Expired almost 7 years ago on Fri, 25 Dec 2015.

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We need a Peep to write kick-ass summaries of "This Week in Startups" episodes (

You will:

1. Watch an episode of This Week in Startups and write up the key learnings/takeaways from episode
2. Find the best clips & give those time stamps to our video editors (or you) to make in short nuggets folks can learn from
3. Imagine this is a Medium post, that doesn't promote the episode -- but rather the lessons learned from the episode
4. Generate 7 tweets/Facebook posts based on each episode w/a clip
5. Make timestamps for the episode (think every 2-3 minutes, what was talked about/what did Jason ask, etc).


Episodes are 45-90 minutes, so we think this should take like three hours to do an exceptional. perhaps another 1-2 hours if you're making the clips; we do 8 episodes a month, so we think $1,200 a month.


1. Tell us about your experience working in the startup industry - show us your passion!

2. What's your favorite "This Week in Startups" episode and why?

3. Have you worked on similar projects to this in the past? Tell us about them, and share any links.

This job listing has expired.