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Barnes & Roberts, LLC

Barnes & Roberts has been the leader in trial graphics and courtroom presentation for almost two decades. We are experts at producing persuasive, evidence-based presentations using boards, slides, videos, photographs, models, animations and interactive media. Our trial consulting work takes us to courtrooms all across the country from New York to San Diego, from Miami Beach to Anchorage, and back to our own backyard, the Eastern District of Texas, one of the busiest and most challenging dockets in the nation. In all of these places, bet-the-company cases and billion dollar exposures are the norm for us, not the exception. We have the experience and the know-how to produce and present trial graphics that get the job done – and that’s exactly what we do.

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Founded in 1998

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Social Media Marketing and Strategy

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We are a trial consulting firm based in Dallas, and 99.9% of our growth thus far has been organic, by word of mouth, but we are looking to grow in volume and in location. We are considering expanding our firm outside of Dallas, but our primary goal at the moment is that we want to grow more in our home market.

We have two messages we want our customers to understand:

1) We are more than just graphics for trials - we are advisors. We are part of the team.
2) We are trustworthy and reliable.

Although we have a blog and Twitter, we don't post with any consistency, and would like a Peep to help us by drafting a social media marketing strategy that will help us add more value to our business through those outlets. We need you to take the lead on showing us what should be done on social and in our marketing plan as a whole.

Our ideal Peep will be someone who:
- Is an authority on creating social media marketing strategies
- Can execute on the strategy they create
- Will educate us on the effectiveness of social media and general marketing efforts
- Be able to craft compelling copy for social media an other marketing materials as needed


5-10 hours per week, depending on your suggestions for time to implement the strategy and ramp up work


- We've already had great success via word of mouth marketing. What experience do you have translating that kind of success into more diverse marketing efforts?

- Show us at least 2 examples of company pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc) you've managed in the past. How did your work grow their business? Share key metrics.

- We're in a niche market. What skills/experience do you have in building a company's brand with a similar niche vertical?

This job listing has expired.