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Renee Walker

Digital Strategy Development

Listing published on Mon, 21 Dec 2015. Expired almost 7 years ago on Tue, 12 Jan 2016.

Hiring 1 Peep

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I'm looking to hire a Peep to develop a comprehensive digital strategy to position me as a credible thought leader. My main goals are to increase my social media presence, attract a significant number of new followers, and generate business and speaking gig leads. The strategy should include website, content and email marketing, SEO, social, paid ads, and analytics. Also, the development of an editorial calendar to execute (I can help on this), and to figure out publications I should target for articles, as well as to become a contributor for - while increasing my social presence.

The Peep must be a creative problem solver and innovator who will use trends, audience insights, brand and marketing strategies that leverages the entire digital ecosystem. Once the strategy is developed, I'm open to bringing the Peep on board more long term to help execute the strategy, including helping post on social media and Wordpress, copywriting and securing featured contributor articles and guest posts. You should be someone who can work with me to identify ways I can build out my digital presence, and ideally someone who would be excited to continue working with me beyond drafting the initial strategy.

As a note: I expect to kick off work on this in January just after the new year.


TBD - maybe 10hrs/week for two weeks to develop the strategy ($1,000 total budget for that) and then potential to continue on to execute on it


- Tell me about one brand you've created a similar strategy outline for - showcase any wins and concrete results you gained by working with that client.

- If I hire you to create my digital strategy outline, what experience do you have executing on such a plan from conception through deployment?

- Tell me about your expertise in delivering content, web, digital and social strategies and in understanding analytics.

- Tell me about your ability to identify and forecast emerging trends and to convert and implement strategies into an actionable program with the appropriate analytics.

This job listing has expired.