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Guided Imports

Guided Imports is disrupting the world's largest, most complex and highly fragmented offline industry. We offer the first online, white label solution for ecommerce that is also seamless, transparent and sold at a flat-rate. Our solution makes manufacturing and importing products for ecommerce easy, fast and painless.

Developing, manufacturing and importing products for e-commerce is slow, complex, expensive and offline. For smaller e-commerce this requires contracting a product development company, a sourcing agent, a supplier factory, a buying agent, a customs broker, an international banking service, a quality control specialist and a freight forwarder OR opening operations abroad. Our solution allows brands to seamlessly purchase these services without the need to manage them, This makes it easier to plan, budget and buy without investing resources overseas.

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Founded in 2014

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Sam Boyd

Email Marketer

Listing published on Tue, 29 Dec 2015. Expired over 5 years ago on Thu, 07 Jan 2016.

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
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We're looking for someone to come up with email campaigns and run with them! We've had great success with drip series emails, we just need them updated and tweaked.

The ideal Peep is someone who can come up with various campaigns and try them out. In the beginning, I can explain the content to write, and you just make it look pretty and enticing, but I hope to find someone who will eventually understand enough to run on their own.

We are in the manufacturing space (don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know about the scary Chinese stuff) and our ideal customer is e-commerce sellers who are already importing from China. Our company is based out of China, but I travel a lot around Asia and North America (currently in Philadelphia, USA).

To explain our service, we offer white label manufacturing and importing solutions for e-commerce that can be purchased with a click. We create value in two ways: #1, by offering the first seamless online solution at a flat rate. #2, by eliminating the need to manage up to nine service providers via automation. We capture value via a simple e-commerce model. Because of this, we need to focus on marketing across various spaces while also creating value. Our goal is to educate people on the complexities of manufacturing while also offering them a super simple solution. This is what needs to be delivered.


We can try something out for 10 hours a week and then move up to 20 - 30 if necessary.


- What experience do you have creating and running email marketing campaigns?

- Manufacturing and sourcing from China is unique, I doubt most people will have experience in this, but what I am looking for is someone who is an ass kicker with content writing and pushing the limits with trying out new campaigns. Knowing how to put together drip series emails and lead pages is 100% needed, along with understanding the analytics behind them.

- If you have experience with Amazon or e-commerce, that is definitely a plus, but not required. Please look over our sales page before pitching so you can get a feel for what our company offers and value we add to our ideal customer.

This job listing has expired.