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Visional was created from an obvious need for local brick and mortar retailers to compete with online only ecommerce competition. Our team has over 50 years of experience building technology products and businesses for a variety of vertical industries and specializing in retail.

Startup, Retail
Founded in 2013

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Darius Vasefi

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Listing published on Thu, 31 Dec 2015. Expired over 5 years ago on Thu, 07 Jan 2016.

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Our team builds a variety of technology products designed to help retail businesses thrive. We need a Peep who can create and implement a marketing strategy for us that would promote a number of these products we're looking to launch in 2016. We're not looking for just a consultant - we need someone who can get in the trenches with us and really execute this strategy they create.

E-commerce experience is extremely important to us, as our focus is serving companies in that vertical. You should be very comfortable in and familiar with the B2B and B2C spaces. We expect there could be more work up front to develop the strategy, and then workload would level out as we roll in to implementation.


We'd like to cap the work at $1,200 the first month, and then evaluate from there.


- What experience do you have in the ecommerce/B2B/B2C spaces?

- What types of companies have you implemented marketing strategies for in the past? Share how you helped them grow their customer base from your work.

- We're open to hearing from you on the budget we should allot for this work. About how much time do you expect is needed up front to create the strategy, and what sort of rate would you propose for the work?

This job listing has expired.