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Created for project managers, team workers or everyone working with different business management apps such as Asana, GitHub, Trello etc. Unito is a project-management-app integrator that synchronizes projects, tasks and conversations between different apps. Unito helps you work seamlessly without switching apps all the time.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2015

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How-To Blog Writing

Listing published on Thu, 14 Jan 2016. Expired about 5 years ago on Fri, 22 Jan 2016.

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Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Unito is a project-management-app integrator. Our mission is to help optimize how teams work together so that they can work more efficiently and boost their productivity. We are a tool that builds connectors which synchronize different business apps such as Asana, Github, Wrike and so on.

We need a Peep to help us by writing how-to blogs on key business apps - teaching people how to use these products. To start, the first round of blogs will focus on the following tools: Asana, GitHub, Wrike, and Jira. You should be able to write with authority on how to use these tools. There will be additional writing work down the pipe for you to pick up on, and there may be times where we have an outline of blog posts already drafted, and just need you to come in and edit and finalize the posts before they go live.

Key deliverables to include:
- 4 blog posts per month
- publish them on the blog
- take care of the SEO
- take care of the content schedule


Starting right away, ongoing work


- What experience do you have writing how-to/educational type posts? Please share at least 2 examples.

- Do you have experience crafting content marketing strategies? How could you help us identify what would be best for us to roll out as we ramp up content production?

- Required: you must have hands on experience with Asana, GitHub, Wrike, and Jira and be able to write on those tools to start. Please confirm your knowledge of those tools.

This job listing has expired.