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iStyle Property

iStyle Property assists you to beautifully present your property to maximize your selling price, offering affordable and timely solutions. Based in Sydney, we are a team of experienced property stylists who provide an impressive service making your property stand out from the masses on the market. With our combined vision and styling detail, you will achieve a higher financial return for your property.

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Founded in 2013

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Rachel Sillato

Outbound Email Marketer

Listing published on Thu, 14 Jan 2016. Expired about 5 years ago on Thu, 21 Jan 2016.

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iStyle is in the business of decorating property so that it can sell. We have been in business for 2 years, and we are looking to ramp up our email marketing campaign. We already have a list of contacts to message, but are looking for a Peep to develop and execute an outbound e-mail marketing campaign.

We can likely provide around half of the content (specific information, pictures, etc.) to use in these communications, but will need the Peep to help come up with the rest. Although you don't need a specific industry background for this role, any background with the interior design industry or real estate is helpful, and definitely a plus. Ideally we'd like someone with targeted email marketing experience who also has a familiarity with growth marketing tactics.


Time commitment is TBD, depends on the time it will take to prep and outline the strategy as we move into execution on the effort.


- What experience do you have creating and running email marketing campaigns?

- Are you familiar working in either the interior design or real estate space? Not required, but would be great to have.

- Tell us about your experience as it relates to growth marketing tactics: what sorts of campaigns have you worked on in the past that would make you the perfect Peep for us to hire?

This job listing has expired.