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On my podcast, The Art of Personal Growth, I review and test self-help techniques in real life to find what truly works to improve health, happiness, and connections with others.

Sole Proprietorship, Professional Services
Founded in 2016

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Amber Beam

Podcast Summaries and Social Promotion

Listing published on Fri, 12 Feb 2016. Expired almost 7 years ago on Fri, 19 Feb 2016.

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I run a weekly podcast where I connect with women who are excited about kick starting their personal growth. On the podcast I discuss topics related to mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and other self-help topics.

I need a Peep who can write up weekly summaries of each episode, optimized for SEO, and post them with a complimentary image. Have a look at samples here: The podcast is 20 minutes long, and there will be one episode per week.

In addition to the summaries of each podcast, my Peep should help promote the episodes on social media (3-5 posts per week) to raise awareness about my podcast, including sharing out the write ups from each episode.


Starting straight away and ongoing


- Check out my most recent podcasts (here: Which one is your favorite and why?

- Tell me about your SEO process - do you use Google keywords, long tail software, etc?

- Tell me about your understanding of engagement metrics, particularly on Facebook.

- Have you worked on similar projects to this in the past? Tell me about them, and share any links.

This job listing has expired.