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We run a content management system which resellers use to build websites for end users

Agency, Ecommerce
Founded in 2006

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Eduard Marais

Email Signature Copy: 100-200 words

Listing published on Fri, 19 Feb 2016. Expired almost 7 years ago on Thu, 03 Mar 2016.

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Fixed. Paid out after 30 days.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

We need a Peep to write a 100-200 word snippit - a funny story - that intrigues people to click through. The goal is to use this as an email signature.

We run a software program that creates small websites in a minute. We want a story about how the "rats" (or geeks or midgets or minions) makes it possible for us to have this magical program. Check out this story as an example of what we're looking for (although it is a Shipping message) :

This is a quick turn-around, one time job. Not a lot of companies have interesting stories in their e-mails, and we'd like to put a quirky, silly story at the bottom of ours to grab attention.




- Share links to a couple stories like this you've previously written.

- If we hire you, how quickly can you produce this story for us?

- Share 1-2 examples of funny, quirky stories like this that made you laugh and grabbed your attention.

This job listing has expired.