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Currently, zzenga is a solo LLC (me!) with providing marketing and website design services to clients. We have a couple of very interesting projects on the horizon, so I'm looking for marketing, content, design, and development roles to help me grow zzenga.

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Founded in 2012

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Liam Dillon

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Zzenga is the "holding company" for my freelance business. I'm looking for a full-stack marketer that can help me with various marketing campaigns that I'm working on for my clients, including one for Village Point. Check them out here:

The goal is for the Peep to create and execute an end-to-end marketing plan for the business, including: content strategy, marketing funnels for different keywords, and weekly / monthly reports.

Some areas you could expect to work on:
- Creating a marketing strategy plan for clients
- Execute ongoing marketing efforts
- Creating and managing email marketing campaigns (w/ Mailchimp)
- Content creation
- AdWords
- Paid advertising campaigns

Initially this will be for 1-2 months restricted to the Village Point project, but with the hope that it will expand to an ongoing relationship for other projects.


20-30 hours per week


- Share specific examples of how previous marketing campaigns you've run produced an ROI for your client.

- What types of clients and brands have you worked with in the past - and who are you most qualified to run marketing campaigns for?

- Showcase your experience running any paid advertising campaigns.

This job listing has expired.