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Fibre Poet

We create artisan dyed sustainable clothing, with a focus on boho chic style dresses, yoga pants & women's clothing - all made in the USA.

Sole Proprietorship, Fashion
Founded in 2013

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Charlott McClelland

Kickstarter Campaign Setup

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At Fibre Poet my mission is to create beautiful, comfortable clothing with sustainable fabrics like hemp fiber and organic cotton, processed without the use of pesticides or other harsh chemicals. Each piece of clothing is a work of art, and my current goal is to launch a Kickstarter pre-order campaign in line with an upcoming trade show I'll be attending on April 1st. I'm looking for a Peep who can help me set up my Kickstarter campaign as well as promote it on social media. This campaign will help me raise money to further support my business and continue to create beautiful clothing to sell.

Check out this sample campaign to get a feel for my goals and how I want my own Kickstarter to run:

Goals for the campaign:
- Launch on or just before April 1st
- $15,000-$20,000 to raise
- Focus on pre-orders for select yoga pants and yoga tops
- Promote the campaign in line with this expo:
- Share the campaign on social media

Note: I would like to stay within a $200-$500 top level budget to start as we gauge how the campaign is running, ideally keeping at $200 for the first month then continuing on from there if pledges are being made and money is being raised as a part of the campaign.


Lasting 1-2 months depending on how the kickstarter campaign progresses.


- Share a link to a previous Kickstarter campaign that you successfully ran start to finish.

- What experience do you have promoting campaigns like mine on social media while staying within a limited budget?

- Tell me about your experience working in e-commerce. How can you help me raise awareness about my clothing and grow my customer base?

This job listing has expired.