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Clutch is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on the technology, marketing, and digital industries. We provide independent, quantitative, and qualitative analysis on leading services firms to support procurement decisions in small, medium and large enterprises.

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Tech Focused Article Writing

Listing published on Tue, 08 Mar 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 16 Mar 2016.

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We are looking for freelance writers and journalists with domain knowledge in the technology sector to write articles for us in online industry publications - with the goal of expanding our audience.

We have some unique data and premises already thought out for the first few articles, which you would be welcome to run with and corroborate with other sources as appropriate. If it works out well for both of us, we can continue to give you more work.

We're looking for writers who understand cloud computing, the tech industry, and who have written articles on high profile websites. In addition to cloud computing, other possible topics include: web design, content, and IT. You should be comfortable with ghostwriting in many cases, and writing under your own name with the "Freelance Writer for Clutch" byline in some other cases

Article length will vary, generally between 500-1000 words. We're expecting you would write around of 4-6 articles per month. We would like Peeps to invoice between $100-$150 per article, with the final rate to be agreed upon on a case by case basis per article assignment.


Starting immediately and ongoing


- Please tell us about your domain knowledge in technology (specifically in cloud computing technologies).

- Please share 3 samples of articles you've written that demonstrate your ability to write with authority on topics such as IT, cloud computing and similar subjects.

- You should be experienced in delivering quality, near-complete work with little supervision.

- An understanding of basic SEO concepts is preferred

This job listing has expired.