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LinkedIn Pulse Writing for Digital Marketing Agency

Listing published on Wed, 09 Mar 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 17 Mar 2016.

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Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

We need a copywriter to represent one of our clients who is digital marketing agency. Our Peep will write 2 LinkedInPulse articles per month for the client, at around 500 words per post - you may need to interview the client before writing the post.

You should have experience writing for eCommerce retailers and working with digital marketing agencies. Keywords for posts that would be written for the client include: conversion rate optimisation, user interface, and digital strategy.

We'd like to start by having our Peep write 2 articles per month at a flat $150 rate, with the potential of increasing the work with additional clients if we find the right fit and enjoy working with you.


Initially 2 articles per month with potential to increase scope.


If you could please:
- Please highlight your experience working in (or familiarity with) digital agencies and/or businesses with an eCommerce focus. What qualifies you to write with authority in that area?
- Share 3 examples of articles you've written that address topics like big data, corporate strategy, security and compliance.
- Write one sample article title that would grab the attention of readers - using one of the topics listed above.

This job listing has expired.