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We're the gateway drug to fine art. Using the latest in AI neural networks, we let anyone remix their pictures into incredible art. Artists us our simple app submit two photos– one subject, one artistic style - to our "simulated visual cortex" in the cloud, and it goes to work to analyze the features of the subject and retell them using the details of the artistic style. People are telling us its the first time they've been able to get the visuals they see in their head out into the world, giving anyone the chance to feel a home run with art.

Startup, Entertainment
Founded in 2015

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Noah Rosenberg

PR for App Promotion

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Our app, Pikazo, bridges the space between art and tech. We let artists combine any two images – one subject, one artistic style – into a new type of beautiful fine art. The magic is performed by convolutional neural networks that simulate the human visual cortex; the exact same type of AI that DeepMind is using in AlphaGo.

Our primary goal for hiring a PR Peep is to raise awareness for the app (currently available both on the App Store and Google Play). We’ve found that whenever the press writes about these incredible images, we see a huge uptick in sales and growth. It really feels awareness-bound at this point, and we think that people finding out about the app in trusted publications is a great driver for growth.

Most of our core users are empty nesters in their mid 40s (and up). While we've seen insider and tech publications carrying stories about the app, we don't feel that our core user group is reading those publications. We'd love more coverage in lifestyle and art related publications, as we feel there’s a unique opportunity for a crossover app like ours to break through.


Starting asap, ongoing work


- Please highlight your experience in PR specifically related to the startup/app marketing field.

- Share more about your current understanding of the art world and market.

- What sorts of publications would focus on getting our app featured in? Please name examples where you think we would benefit from being featured (which you could help us pitch to).

This job listing has expired.