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Minerra delivers analytics consulting, design and development, products and training to leading organisations across multiple sectors around the world. We provide decision-makers and analysts in organisations with the tools, skills and knowledge to use data to monitor performance and make informed decisions. We do this using best of breed analytics software and business-focused implementation methods based on best practices drawn from extensive industry experience and leading academic research.

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Founded in 2009

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Steve Remington

Website Copywriter - Newly Launching Site

Listing published on Tue, 15 Mar 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 23 Mar 2016.

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Minerra started a single consultant - me - in September 2009. About 18 months ago the demand for just me kept growing so I decided to create my own consulting firm. I currently have five consultants working with me and that could easily grow this year. The customer base is growing. Leads are coming almost faster than I can deal with them, and that is before I have actively marketed my services. That's where a Peep comes in.

I need someone to help me write the copy for my website - copy that will educate clients about my services and continue to drive more business my way. I have a good idea of what I want to say, and am reasonably good writer, but most of my writing experience is academic so my natural writing style is not really suited to web site copy. Given Minerra's clients are organizations I need someone who can write for a B2B context. It would also be good if the person has previous experience writing for technology companies but in some respects that is not completely necessary because our primary target audience is the business person in the organization with secondary audience being the technology person.

Here is a work in progress version of the website that I will need you to write copy for: You'll see that there are a number of landing pages (solutions, services, experiences, etc.) that need to be written, and I will also need you to advise on the page hierarchy throughout the site. I do currently have a graphic designer I'm working with, so any resources there are covered.

I'm not entirely sure the length of time it will take to put the copy together start to finish, so would like you to guide and educate me on that front. That said, I'd like to stay within a $1,000 budget for the project to start with.


Start to finish ideally within 2 weeks - the sooner the better


- Please share 2 examples of web copy you've written for previous clients.

- It's important you have experience writing in a B2B context, specifically in the enterprise technology space.

- After reviewing the (in progress) site, please give me an estimate of about how long, start to finish, you'd expect this project to take.

This job listing has expired.