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Fundly is part of the NonProfitEasy suite of products. It is a crowdfunding site for individuals and nonprofits.

Startup, Social Enterprise
Founded in 2010

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Gretchen Barry

Social Promotion of Crowdfunding Campaigns

Listing published on Wed, 30 Mar 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 07 Apr 2016.

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At Fundly our mission is to empower people to use crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for causes they believe in. We have a great number of campaigns being created and run on our platform, however we need help sharing them out and increasing engagement from donors to help each campaign meet their fundraising goals. We want to test out having a Peep focus on sharing out specific Fundly campaigns via our Twitter and Facebook accounts, with the goal of helping increase the number of donors on each campaign.

I will identify lists of campaigns that have strong potential, will reach out to them, find out if they need help with promotion, and then highlight them to our Peep to lead the charge of sharing them out. You should not only post the campaigns on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, but do outreach via social media to key people and brands who would be interested in contributing to the specific campaigns. For example: if there's a campaign we highlight in a specific city, you should take the lead on reaching out to any organizations, news sites, and politicians via social who would be interested in either donating to, or sharing out the campaign.


This test will last for 3 months - with the potential to continue on if we see increased donations on campaigns from sharing them on social media


- Tell us about your experience in crowdfunding. This isn't required, but we'd love to work with someone familiar with this space.

- Please share your availability and when you would be able to post and engage on our accounts. Would you be free to monitor our feeds over the weekend if people comment or tag us in posts?

- Share 2 examples each of Twitter and Facebook accounts you've managed in the past that showcase your ability to post highly engaged content.

This job listing has expired.