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Through curated events and proactive matchmaking, Econic helps enterprises accelerate innovation.

Startup, Professional Services
Founded in 2016

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Joshua Berry

Tactical Content Marketer

Listing published on Wed, 30 Mar 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Sat, 04 Jun 2016.

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As a relatively new startup, we need a Peep to work with us on a variety of different tactical marketing areas so that we can build out our brand reputation and increase our client base. Our target client personas are CIOs and COOs at mid-size companies buying $100K-$200K consulting pieces from us. Josh and Brian are currently leading the Econic team, and as experienced consultants we have joined forces to create Econic. We have spent time and effort building up our own personal brands, but need someone who can help us take those reputations we've built up and in turn build Econic's reputation and klout.

We already have a team of ghost writers in place who help us produce content, however we need someone with tactical marketing knowledge to come in and lead what content should be created when, and where it should be shared out. We can provide you with a list of topics we would like to write on that appeal to our client base, and have the writers to take on the bulk of the work, but need you to help us be smart about where we're publishing the content so it gets the most traction. We're looking for someone who can really lead the charge - if you wait for direction then this is not the job for you.

What you would primarily be expected to work on:
- Map out and maintain a content calendar
- Guide our team on where content should be seeded (Medium? Our personal LinkedIns? etc)
- Execute distribution of content
- Manage our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds (sharing our content, and curating content to post)

Some other areas we may have you work with us on:
- Our innovation workshop event promotion:
- Identifying speaking opportunities Josh and Brian at relevant conferences
- SEO for our website


Time per week is approximate - flexibility to ramp up or down on the budget over time


- Tell us about your experience in (or passion for) the startup and/or entrepreneurship innovation space.

- You would be working in a number of marketing related areas - tell us what qualifies you to be able to get your hands dirty in all areas from social media, to content marketing to event promotion.

- What experience do you have leading and executing content marketing strategies? What results did you achieve for past clients?

This job listing has expired.