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We build advertising technology for digital video advertising. Our software helps add efficiency and brand safety for advertisers and we work with major platforms and ad exchanges.

Partnership, Advertising & Marketing
Founded in 2015

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Rolan Reichel

Marketing Collateral and Strategy Execution

Listing published on Sun, 03 Apr 2016. Expired about 5 years ago on Mon, 11 Apr 2016.

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I'm looking for a dynamic marketing professional to help crank up our image a notch or two. The project is really two phases - first is to develop a marketing strategy and plan based on what we do and where the company is going. Second is put the plan into action - including the creation of any collateral needed in order to execute that plan.

We're a fairly small team currently working toward how to best scale out our business, and hope a Peep can step in and help guide us on next steps for growth and raising brand awareness. We're passionate about building out our team and our business from a lean approach, and currently need some extra marketing muscle to augment our current team. The key deliverables we'd like for you to help out on are listed below, however you should be someone who can pop in and advise us on other areas we should focus on in order to revamp our brand and boost our marketing efforts.

Main deliverables for your work will include:

- Updating and revamping the website
- Creating sales/marketing collatoral
- Creating PowerPoint presentations and other marketing materials


2-4 months


- Share examples of previous marketing and sales collateral you've created.

- We will likely need help in a number of areas (marketing materials, website updates etc) - what qualities you to be our "all hands on deck" marketing muscle to help out the team on various projects?

This job listing has expired.