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Our product is uniquely designed to prevent browning and keep your guacamole fresh.

Startup, Consumer Products

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Instagram Management - Product Promotion

Listing published on Thu, 07 Apr 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 14 Apr 2016.

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Ever been disappointed by your guacamole turing brown before you can finish it? We're created a tool that solves that problem - and are excited to promote it! We're looking for a Peep who can help guide us on how to build up our social media following, specifically on Instagram. We have an account created, but aren't sure where to start in order to build up our followers and consistently post content that promotes our product.

You should be someone who can educate us on the benefits of using Instagram to raise our brand awareness and promote our product, as well as take the lead on consistently posting from our account. We will be looking to you to lead our Instagram strategy, working closely with us to share insights around the content to be posted, and the engagement it's receiving. Our ultimate goal is to increase brand awareness, spread the word about our product, and increase sales.

Your main deliverables:
- Suggest a content schedule for when to post on Instagram
- Create and curate content to share from our account
- Respond to any comments on posts in a timely manner
- Light engagement on other accounts (as relevant to our brand)
- Set up auto-posting across to Facebook

We would love to have one post per day go out from our account, but are open to guidance and suggestions from you around the frequency of when we should post.


Starting immediately and ongoing


- Please tell us about your experience running Instagram accounts for other clients. What sorts of accounts have you managed in the past? (Please share links)

- We need someone who can guide us and educate us on how to use Instagram (and social media in general) to build up our brand. Tell us about a time you worked with a similar client and helped them best understand how to leverage social media to achieve their goals.

- We'd love to work with a Peep who has experience in ecommerce and driving sales via social media. Please share your experience there.

This job listing has expired.