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We are a hardware company making cutting edge air purifiers for home, technology developed in Univ. of Florida over the last 20 years, funded by the EPA.

Startup, Health & Wellness
Founded in 2016

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Writing 3 LinkedIn Mission Statement Posts

Listing published on Mon, 11 Apr 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Tue, 19 Apr 2016.

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About us:
We are a pre-launch San Francisco based startup introducing a new air cleaning technology, developed and tested over the last 20 years at the University of Florida. While existing air purifying products trap pollutants in meshes, our technology uses a combination of light, electricity and chemistry to completely eliminate organic compounds, VOCs, mold, even bacteria/viruses. Sponsored by the EPA and approved by the FDA, we are now backed by top tier Silicon Valley investors and are ready to disrupt the existing market with our portable home air purifier for consumers.

We need a Peep to write 3 short (300 word) posts for LinkedIn that will serve as bios and mission statements for our executive team, shared out from our company's LinkedIn page.

- Write 3 LinkedIn posts to be then shared by our company's LinkedIn page.
- These 3 posts would be bios of the executive team: their story, what inspired them to work with this company and how they believe it can change lives
- The posts would not be long, less than 300 words. You will be speaking to the executives and then ghost writing their stories for them, which they will share on their LinkedIn accounts as well.
- Each post should not take long - 45 min conversation + 60 minute to write a short bio.
- These posts will be then used as marketing material to go out on LinkedIn


6 hours start to finish


- Have you written bios for people before? Please share examples.

- Do you have any LinkedIn Pulse/marketing posts that you have written? Please share links.

This job listing has expired.