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All Hazards Planning and Training services as well as a SaaS product for clientele to self-manage.

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Customer Training Presentation Refresh in Articulate Storyline

Listing published on Thu, 21 Apr 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Fri, 29 Apr 2016.

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SafePlans offers assessment, planning, mapping and training for businesses to remain safe and operational in times of an emergency.

This job is to refresh ten training modules in Articulate Storyline. The training is used to educate customers and focuses on a single topic per module. They are looking to modernize the existing content with an updated presentation look/feel including refreshed graphics, full screen mode and a new higher energy voice over.

The training content and voice over scripts will be provided. The scope of this job is to design the modules within Articulate Storyline, create the look/feel for the visual presentation, project manage the voice over production and finalize the finalize for upload to our system.

Here is an example of an existing training module for reference:

Access to a Storyline 2 license can be provided for completion of this project.

We’re completely open to you producing the voice over as long as you have the right energy and can do so at a professional quality. If you haven’t and don’t feel comfortable doing this type of work, we’re asking that you source a freelancer who can complete this as part of this project.

As part of your pitch, please outline approximately how you see the budget being split between module development/set up in Storyline vs. voice over production work.


We’re looking to commence this job immediately upon appointment of Peep and acceptance of this job. Based on the scope provided, we’re looking to complete over the next 3 to 4 months.


- What has been your experience to date creating customer training?
- Share any examples of training you’ve previously completed in Articulate Storyline
- Have you ever narrated a video or presentation before? If so, please provide examples of your work.

This job listing has expired.