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We provide customizable online omnibus marketing research to a host of large and small consumer-oriented companies. We field surveys consisting of 1500 general population respondents. .

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Founded in 2009

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PR and Media Coverage on Publications

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Our company manages large nationally representative surveys for large and small consumer-oriented clients. Because we manage those surveys ourselves, we have the ability to add our own survey questions. Questions may be serious such as what Americans think about capital punishment or lighted-hearted such as who is entitled to the armrests in the middle seat of an airplane.

Currently, we post those results along with an infographic on our blog, VeraSpectives, LinkedIn, FB and Twitter, but are looking to obtain national media exposure in two to three publications two times monthly. To that end, we are looking for a PR specialist with experience in media who can help gain that exposure. Services would include: pitch development, creating a list of 20 or so national media outlets/contacts, media outreach and reporting results.

This is an example of the type of post that we would want you to pitch to media outlets (2 total like this each month):


Indefinitely if successful, time commitment would depend on how long it takes to create and distribute pitches to contacts


- Please tell me more about any experience you have working with PR firms - what sorts of clients have you represented, and what types of media contacts do you have?

- What would your approach be to gain exposure for us? Would you send out individual pitches to contacts, or would you suggest we approach this using press releases?

- Tell me what types of coverage you've secured for clients in the past. Please share specific examples.

This job listing has expired.