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Listing published on Tue, 03 May 2016. Expired about 5 years ago on Tue, 10 May 2016.

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I'm a current Peep, looking for a fellow Peep, who is a agile, knows how to turn a phrase, and who is a seasoned marketing pro. I need help with writing, refinement/copyediting of my own blog posts and guest posts, plus pinch hitting for some of my clients.

Topics range from advanced marketing how-tos (long form, think and Moz level) skincare, database management, and wiki-how posts. The length per post will vary, but will mostly be 1,000 words and up. There will be some repurposing for Medium, SlideShare and LinkedIn Pulse.

You should be able to research on an unfamiliar topic, turnaround a strong outline for me to review, and execute the piece independently. I am always available over Slack for consulting. I'd also like someone who can do prospecting for link opportunities for me as well as create high quality backlinks. Extreme preference will go to peeps who have done content marketing & distribution work.


About 5 hours/week


- Extreme preference for a Peep who knows about linkbuilding, finding opportunities for guest posts, methods popularized by Brian Dean (backlinko) etc.

- Tell me how you would approach linkbuilding. What experience and best practices do you have there you can tell me more about from work with previous clients?

This job listing has expired.