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SlingShot is your concierge for free reward travel. We help people see more places by showing how responsible credit use can open the door to destinations around the world.

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Founded in 2016

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Dan Pierson

Influencer Campaign Management

Listing published on Tue, 10 May 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Wed, 18 May 2016.

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We have several Instagram influencers in the 50k - 100k range partnering with us for campaigns in coming weeks and months. We'll be sending these lucky folks to places like the Canadian Rockies and Cuba to tell interesting stories and spread the good word about SlingShot, and how we help folks travel for free through the use of responsible credit.

We'd like help maximizing the impact of these campaigns to drive folks to ( the primary goal) as well as build our followings on Instagram and Twitter (the secondary goal). We see this role as a mix of "boots on the ground" social media (80%) and high level strategic thinking (20%) around how we can get the most from our relationships and money spent here.

The ideal Peep will have a proven track record of social media / influencer campaign management, with metrics around past success.


Starting immediately and ongoing


- Please share brief details about similar campaigns you've run in the past that showcase your ability to work with us on influencer campaigns.

- Why are you excited about helping us spread the good word about reward travel? Tell us what gets you amped about SlingShot!

- About how much timer per week would you estimate needing to devote to working with us on promoting and maximizing these campaigns?

This job listing has expired.