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Band of Coders

We are an elite team of product managers, software architects, and developers from Atlanta who partner with business executives to build their next successful product. Whether you are engineering a new product or reinventing an existing one, we can help bring your vision to life.

Agency, Tech
Founded in 2001

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Mark Feinberg

Growth Marketing Manager

Listing published on Thu, 12 May 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Thu, 19 May 2016.

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At Band of Coders we’ve been building apps, products, and platforms for clients since 2003. At our core we're a services firm, partnering with business executives to build their next successful product. Beyond that, we run Girls Academy (, which is our initiative to empower girls through coding, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and leadership.

While we've built a solid reputation to date, and have been successfully serving clients for over a decade, we have yet to really invest in our digital marketing efforts. We need a Peep who can help us find our brand voice and build out (and implement) an over-arching digital marketing strategy to help us take Band of Coders to the next level. We want people to understand that we're more than just a tech development firm - that we have heart and personality that we bring into every aspect of work with our clients as well as community initiatives like Girls Academy.

As our Peep you will:
- Develop and lead a marketing strategy that has a cohesive message
- Know how to use social media and digital marketing growth tactics successfully
- Be a hustler - come to the table with ideas on how to capture and share the Band of Coders ethos
- Map out larger digital marketing plans (i.e. social media, email campaigns, paid advertising)
- Have superior writing skills (please share links to any writing samples and/or portfolios)


Starting immediately, 10-15 hours per week to start


- Tell me about a brand's digital marketing efforts you admire. Why do you love what they're doing? What are they doing right?

- We need someone who will come in and lead the charge on our marketing efforts. Tell me about a previous client you've worked with where you came in and effectively shook up their marketing strategy to produce quantifiable results. What were those results?

- Please share at least one example of a marketing campaign you led. Tell me the role you played in creating and executing on that campaign.

- Share one way that you would help us stand out from the crowd from other tech development firms. How would you set us apart?

This job listing has expired.