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Content Creation - Mobile App Focus

Listing published on Mon, 16 May 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 07 Sep 2016.

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We need one or more contributing bloggers to write both general and technical mobile content. We have some ideas for article topics but also need experienced writers in the tech or mobile space to suggest their own topics. Subjects can range from personal/professional productivity as it relates to tech, mobile apps and mobile app trends, mobile app development, industry-specific mobile trends, spreadsheets/spreadsheet tips/spreadsheet news, customer engagement as it relates to mobile, Google Apps, small business, and more.

We generally need 500-1,000-word posts, with occasional more technical, in-depth pieces. Peeps should have experience writing in the mobile or tech space and have the ability to research, understand, and translate technical content for general audiences.

We would like our Peep to invoice per post, with rates ranging from $120-$250 per post, depending on the piece. We would like you to work with us to outline what you would charge per assignment, whether that means two REALLY GREAT blog posts with images and other data points for $250 each, or a few general blog posts for around $120 each.


Starting within the next 2 weeks, ongoing work


- Please provide a couple of writing samples that focus on anything having to do with mobile, tech, spreadsheets, or productivity.

- What experience do you have writing in the mobile or tech space? What topics are you most familiar with writing about?

This job listing has expired.