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Covidence is a non-profit technology company improving health around the world by making it easier to find and make sense of health research

Nonprofit, Health & Wellness
Founded in 2014

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Julian Elliott
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Healthcare Tech Marketing Manager (Melbourne)

Listing published on Tue, 24 May 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 08 Jun 2016.

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Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
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Please note: this is a rare full-time contractor request for a Peep located in Melbourne, Australia. Please only express interest if you qualify the guidelines below,

Covidence ( is a SaaS not-for-profit transforming the way medical research is used to improve healthcare. With extremely rapid global organic growth through word-of-mouth, we are already revolutionizing our industry. Covidence now needs a unique marketer to speak to our niche audience and drive user acquisition.

The role:

Put simply, this role is responsible for developing and executing our first marketing campaign. With our service being used by a global audience, this is an opportunity for a skilled, proven marketer to drive growth and shape the way our social enterprise will change the health of people around the world.

Your responsibilities will include:
- Create a bespoke, engaging lead nurturing and lead generation campaign using the entire marketing mix to reach our target audience of academics and health SMEs.
- Monitor performance of all digital marketing campaigns against acquisition targets, identifying and implementing areas for improvement. 
- Ensure acquisition targets for all digital platforms are met within the agreed budget requirements.
- Work with the Community Manager and Business Development Manger to ensure all sales opportunities are being taken advantage of, including up-sell/cross-sell.

What you will bring:

- A strong, proven track record of successfully increasing user acquisition and revenue through the design and execution of commercially tracked marketing campaigns. 
- Experience marketing a bespoke subscription-based product or service to a niche market, preferably in healthcare, academic or professional service sectors.
- Real passion for early stage growth business with a can-do attitude to get things done.
- Strong relationship management skills and ability to work closely with senior partners.


Full time for 3 months


This is a concierge request from CloudPeeps HQ for a Marketing Peep to work at Cochrane's Covidence product.

If you're based in Melbourne and are looking for a potential contract to full-time hire opportunity: please express your interest via a pitch including:

1) Your current work situation
2) Your startup marketing and experience working for early-stage companies or new product
3) Any related interested or experience in healthtech, Saas products, science and so forth.

The hiring will take place via CloudPeeps Direct Hire Policy and Peeps will negotiate their own rate and contract.

This job listing has expired.