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We are a platform for users to get on-demand access to religious sermons from around the world.

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Nicholas Richards

Lead Gen Focused Growth Marketer

Listing published on Thu, 26 May 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Thu, 02 Jun 2016.

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We need a performance driven growth marketer to manage and optimize campaigns focused on clicks to site, page likes, completed registrations, video views and lead generation. We need to open up multi-channel, aggressive, data-driven growth. We are an on-demand platform for sermons, in a niche platform focused on African American female Christians. We are currently running various campaigns on FB, and need to drive more traffic and lead generation.

Our ideal Peep is someone who can lead multi-channel user acquisition across areas such as:
- Facebook Ad campaigns
- Google AdWords
- Influencer marketing

Our goal is to get to to:
- 300k Facebook page likes by Sept 1
- 250k monthly returning users visiting 3-4 pages per session, watching 10mins of content per total session.


6 months


- What experience do you have boosting page likes on Facebook? Please share examples of pages where you've helped achieve rapid growth in followers as well as how you achieved that growth.

- We have a niche audience of African American female Christians. What experience do you have that will help you target that niche audience and grow our following and subscriber base with those users in mind?

- You should also be able to lead the development of our over-arching growth strategy. Please share an example of a growth marketing strategy you led from creation to execution (specifically focused around user acquisition), and include the tactics you used as well as specific results you achieved.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being an expert) rank your expertise in the following areas:
1. Facebook Ad management
2. Google AdWords
3. SEO
4. Influencer marketing

This job listing has expired.