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Rheos Gear

We provide high quality outdoor gear essentials at phenomenal consumer pricing. Our first product line is floating sunglasses.

Startup, Retail
Founded in 2015

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Jake Berton

Sales Focused Growth Marketer

Listing published on Fri, 27 May 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Tue, 14 Jun 2016.

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We recently launched our Floating Sunglasses brand in March 2016. While we've seen decent momentum growing the brand using organic social media marketing tactics we're looking to scale our efforts as we grow the brand - but we need guidance on where and when to focus those efforts.

We anticipate ramping up in three areas:
1. SEO
2. Paid Advertising
3. Email Marketing

Our over-arching goals are to grow traffic and sales for, particularly as we gear up to release 6 different frame styles on June 20. We anticipate that release to be a valuable way to market the brand and announce new products to sell. Our ideal Peep is someone who is an all-around marketer who is comfortable getting their hands dirty in a number of areas, and who has the experience to guide us on where we should focus our efforts (and budget) on an ongoing basis.




- Please rank your level of experience in: 1) SEO 2) Paid Advertising 3) Email Marketing

- We are looking for an expert to help guide us on what ongoing marketing tactics would be most effective. Please tell me where your area of expertise lies, and where you would focus our marketing budget to start (paid advertising? email marketing? SEO? something else?) if we were to work together.

- Do you have experience running marketing campaigns for e-commerce brands? Please share an example of a client you worked with in the past where you helped them drive traffic and sales to their site.

This job listing has expired.