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RushTix is the first unlimited pass for local arts and culture. Pay one fee and get on the guest list for theater, comedy, and concerts.

Startup, Entertainment
Founded in 2014

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Jill Bourque

Customer Acquisition Specialist

Listing published on Tue, 07 Jun 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Wed, 15 Jun 2016.

Hiring 1 Peep

Work type
Billing type
Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Up to $4800/month
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

RushTix is the first unlimited pass to local arts and culture. Think Classpass for events. We are on a mission to get more folks seeing local theater, comedy, concerts and more. We help people live more fulfilling lives through ulture and community. We need a Peep who can step in to work with our team specifically on customer acquisition efforts.

As our Peep you will be in charge of developing ongoing campaigns based on the lifecycle of leads:
1) Creating customer acquisition strategies
2) Implementing influencer campaigns
3) Increasing engagement and lead gen through paid ads
4) Optimizing conversion funnels
5) Develop targeting and messaging through rigorous testing


10-15 hours per week


1) Have you worked with marketplace businesses? If so, who?

2) Have you worked with subscription businesses? If so, who?

3) Can you give some examples of your customer acquisition wins?

4) What kind of events do you enjoy?

5) What is your experience using Mixpanel, Intercom, Mailchimp, Optimizely and Google Analytics?

This job listing has expired.