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Burns & McBride, Inc

Since 1949, Burns & McBride has been meeting the home comfort needs of our community. From our distinguished heating and cooling solutions to our innovative trash & recycling and home security services, Burns & McBride is devoted to ensuring your home is always comfortable and secure.

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Founded in 1949

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E-Mail Marketing Campaign Design

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Burns & McBride Home Comfort provides homeowners in the Delaware Valley a number of "blue collar" services including heating and air conditioning, fuel oil delivery, home security and trash and recycling collection. We have developed, and are continuing to build, a large database of active e-mails of our customers

We use ACT-ON as a marketing bed for e-mail campaigns to these customers. These will be available for your review and use in the plan.

We need help developing a program to implement a 8- 12 month campaign described below:

A recurring rotation of e-mails educating the person on one of the particular services we offer (trash, home security, generators, air conditioners...). These e-mails will be driven to an appropriate landing page for more information on the particular item.

We'll also need some framework for measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns moving forward.


2-6 months


What issues can we expect to face as a home services company looking to build this type of campaign?

How have you measured programs in the past?

Have you used Act-On?

This job listing has expired.