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The Body Awareness Project

The Body Awareness Project is an educational course and box of essentials on a very specific topic: Skin/Acne was our PART ONE course, and PART TWO will be launching in July on Adrenals/Cortisol Dysfunction for day to day, in the gym, shift workers, and the entrepreneur!

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Emily Schromm

Social Media Manager

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Needing to hire a social media manager for - an educational course plus a box of essentials to begin the healing journey that focuses on one topic at a time. Our Part 1 was SKIN/ACNE, our Part 2 is ADRENALS/CORTISOL for the entrepreneur/in the gym/day to day stressed momma.

Needs to be interested in health, education, holistic practices, nutrition, and overall well being in order to translate this course and physical box into a marketable social platform.

There will be a mix of audio clips and visuals. We are launching PART 2 this month and need content creation along with box item and guest expert images to provide education through the social media page as well as a clear definition of WHAT this Project is all about.


More than 6 months


Do you have experience? Can you show me examples of your work?
Do you have an interest in holistic health?
Are you able to create images on Canva quickly?
Do you have a good eye for design?

This job listing has expired.