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eSpark Learning is enabling students to succeed in school and in life with innovative, differentiated technology. Our student-centered products captivate unique interests, challenge learners at all levels, and inspire creative application.

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Growth Marketing Campaign Management

Listing published on Fri, 08 Jul 2016. Expired almost 5 years ago on Fri, 15 Jul 2016.

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We have an existing educational product that has been well accepted in the market, and we've been focused on more enterprise level sales - targeting school districts for Kindergarten through 8th grades. We're launching a new product for this Fall which we want to market from a more B2C approach, targeting the teachers who will be using the platform in their classrooms. This new product is called Frontier:

Our goal is to roll out grassroots outreach to teachers between now and the back to school season (September) in order to get them opted in to using Frontier in their classrooms. We're currently offering a free trial for any teachers who sign up. With a limited amount of time between now and when teachers are shopping around to set up their classrooms and curriculums for the Fall, we need a growth marketer to help us target those teachers and get them excited about using Frontier.

We're looking for guidance from you on how to best target these teachers, however some areas we would like to explore are:
- Paid social campaigns
- SEO on the sign up page ( < we know this needs improvement
- A/B testing on sign-ups on the landing page
- Complimenting paid with organic social media
- Blog content SEO

We have support in place for any graphics or content that may be needed for these marketing efforts, but need a Peep who can lead the charge in the strategy and implementation to drive sign ups between now and September.


We anticipate no more than 4o hours per month in total between now and September, all depending on the up front time to set up and test any campaigns being managed


- With our limited timeline, what areas would you focus on first in order to target teachers and gain more sign ups for Frontier?

- We've seen rapid conversion results with paid advertising on Twitter. What types of budget would you recommend testing out for paid spend on channels like Twitter and Facebook?

- What experience do you have working in Hubspot? While not mandatory, we do use Hubspot and it would be great if you could run any A/B tests on our landing pages through there.

- Please share an example of a similar growth marketing campaign you've run for a previous client. What tactics did you use, and what were the results?

This job listing has expired.