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Startup, Consumer Products
Founded in 2016

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Tobey Simpson
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Growth Marketing and Brand Awareness

Listing published on Sun, 10 Jul 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Sun, 17 Jul 2016.

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I have 2 active brands that I own in the medical aesthetics and beauty space ( and that can feed into one another - and a 3rd that can be used as well. Most all social accounts are set up for the first two and we do have a current base of followers/users. I am also doing paid advertising for BEVL which began on Friday and will run all month long. Last, we are producing original content and would like to produce more.

I am in need of help in areas as they relate to:
- Social media following growth
- Driving brand awareness
- Increasing website traffic
- App downloads
- Backlinks
- Influencer marketing


Starting immediately and ongoing


- Do you have any experience working with clients in the medical aesthetics and/or beauty industry?

- How would you first approach growing our brand awareness in order to convert more customers? Tell me a bit more about the tactics you use for this type of work.

Please rank your experience in the following areas on a scale of 1-7, 7 being "expert" (and share any more details about your experience):
- Paid advertising (please denote what channels, FB, Twitter?)
- Influencer marketing

This job listing has expired.