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We are a rapidly growing, U.S. based company that sells online through our own websites and The general focus of our two online stores is ice wraps / sporting equipment supplies and adult coloring books. Over the next few months, we are developing two content sites that align with the focus of our two stores. We are looking for a handful of reliable and professional writers to develop high-ranking content.

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Health & Lifestyle Content Writer With Interest in Arts & Crafts

Listing published on Thu, 14 Jul 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Fri, 22 Jul 2016.

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Terran LLC is in the process of developing a content site for the domain Our goal is to generate top-quality content to drive traffic. Ideally, we would like someone who has a background in any of the following: coloring, arts and crafts, health and lifestyle, stress management, or therapy.

The project is ongoing with the fixed rate for each article submission at $125. Peeps will be expected to bill per article at the agreed rate of $125 per piece, with the total amount of posts each week and month to be agreed upon as work ramps up and as Peep availability and speed for writing the articles permits. The current monthly budget is simply a placeholder and can be negotiated based on the number of articles that will ultimately be completed.

Each week we would like two articles to be submitted. Below is an idea of the content we would like.
-Posts in the range of 2,000 words (we care more about the content so the word limit is not strict)
-Skeleton articles that link out to other sites
-Editing skeleton articles and expanding on topics

Here are some of the writing topics to give you an idea of the direction of this site.
-What are the best-colored pencils?
-Therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults
-How to use different coloring techniques to make you a coloring pro

More ideas, as well as our writing guidelines, will be discussed if interested. Please contact Martina Trejo via email for more information.


Varies depending on number of articles the Peep can write each week/month


Please include any writing experience you have in regards to health and lifestyle or arts and crafts. It would also be great to know if you have a background in stress management, life coaching, or therapy.

This job listing has expired.