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Behzadi Consulting

I offer social media services to small businesses and non-profits. Other services include web design, digital content strategy, and paid social media.

Sole Proprietorship, Advertising & Marketing
Founded in 2016

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Kimberly Behzadi

Website Redesign

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I'm a fellow Peep calling all web-designing Peeps!

I have a website that really needs a refresh. I started the code myself using a boostrap template, have the basic architecture done, but I'm really lacking the free time to sit down and really finish this. I do know how to code HTML and CSS, so I'm really open to moving beyond this basic template. I already own domain and host with so I don't need support after the basic coding is done. The template I picked is optimized for mobile / dynamic interface.

Basic Idea: Finish what I started

Essential Needs:
1. Finish basic structure
2. Create pages for client testimonials [Some are finished, some are half-finished, and some need to be created]
3. Optimize for SEO keywords (I can do that research for you if it helps!)
4. Create a better contact form




I understand that this is a small amount, but it's all I really have in my startup budget to use. I would really appreciate the support from the Peeps community!

1. Can you show me samples of other websites you've made before?
2. Can you show me some of your creative work - graphic design, photos, etc.
3. Can you actually get this done within 30 - 60 days?

This job listing has expired.