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Growth Focused Content Marketer (updated listing)

Listing published on Wed, 27 Jul 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 11 Aug 2016.

Hiring 1 Peep

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*Updated job listing*
We've updated this listing and are re-posting it as we realize that the initial commitment of 30 hours per week may have been a bit high. We are open to hiring more than one Peep at an estimated 15 hours per week to tag team the work. If we hire 2 Peeps, you would each be working on individual campaigns, primarily focused on content, keeping in mind that the overall goals for the content are for growth and demand generation.

DroneDeploy is looking for a high performance and experienced Digital Marketer to work alongside our Demand Generation Lead to provide vital help in executing our Demand Generation programs. We operate in SFDC, Marketo and are transitioning out of HubSpot. Therefore previous experience in these systems or other marketing automation platforms is desirable. As a hype growth company we are seeking someone with excellent communication skills and the ability to pick work up and move fast with minimal oversight. Based in San Francisco in great offices you are welcome to work remotely or on-site if you desire (Free lunches and great working environment).

The work comprises of the following core areas:

1. Content writing of nurture and outbound sales emails and input to Marketo/Hubs.
2. Nurture workflow build-out in the automation platform and handoff to team lead.
3. Landing page build out, including, content writing, image selection and publishing (Unbounce experience a plus).
4. Website copy writing for new product releases (infrequent and generally done by Product Marketing Lead).
5. White paper /Ebook and gated content copy writing/editing with handoff to designer/team lead.
6. Email and gated content metric reporting on a weekly basis into a pre-formatted workbook.
7. Ad-hoc copy editing for in house teams (emails, website copy)

Contract to hire is possible through this role.


Ongoing: 15 hours a week


Please send examples of written content (1 x email/nurture, 1 x web content example (LP's etc), any long form content such as WP's or Ebooks if available). Additionally, please outline a successful automated marketing program you have executed for a past client.

This job listing has expired.