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Compassion International

Through education and Bible instruction it sets the bar in breaking the cycle of extreme extreme poverty throughout the world. In a total of 26 countries there are currently over 1.5 million people involved in this indigenous ministry. It is financially accountable, has strong leadership, and exhibits a workable and effective strategy that has been rated as extremely successful through a five year independent study.

Nonprofit, Other
Founded in 1952

Facebook Ad Creation and Consulting

Listing published on Tue, 02 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Tue, 09 Aug 2016.

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Up to $400/month
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

The goal: Find individuals seeking to be involved (potentially in a variety of ways) in promoting the goals of Compassion International in their local area. Typically this involves contacting their church, club, family acquaintances and/or social group with the programs and assistance Compassion International can offer both them and those to whom they minister. Ideally I would like to gain some contact with those interested and provide mentoring, direction and assistance as needed.

I would like to work with you to learn the Facebook side of things in the process. I have the time and ambition to contribute my resources as well, but need someone who can run point on the campaigns and educate me on the work you're doing on the process. I am a representative of Compassion International and am exploring new territory for the organization through this initiative. Needless to say there is great interest in the outcome.


A good part of this answer is based on the results. I could foresee easily 4 or 5 months if this is at all successful.


It would help to have a personal faith journey sympathetic to this cause.

Two other pluses are experience in this type of ad campaign and a willingness to mentor myself along the way.

This job listing has expired.