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PromisePay powers fast, flexible and frictionless payments so platforms and marketplaces can build trust, improve user experience, and drive revenue, without the extra operational overheads and costs.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2013

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Darren McMurtrie

B2B Social Media Manager

Listing published on Thu, 04 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 11 Aug 2016.

Hiring 1 Peep

Work type
Billing type
Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Up to $1000/month
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

We're in a position where we know we need to be ramping up our presence on social media, but aren't quite sure what channels will be best for our audience. What we offer is an API to allow two sided marketplaces (think Uber, Airbnb) to safely and securely transfer payments. Competitors in our space are ramping up their presence on social media, and we need to be able to compete and build our own voice.

To start, we'd like a Peep to come in and help "keep the lights on" across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, making sure that we're regularly posting content across those channels. We're open to suggestions of other channels as well, and want you to guide us on where we should focus.

At the moment we're not highly focused on conversions (although any customer conversions are always great), we simply want to be able to insert ourselves into online conversations. The content we would want our Peep to share out would be any information that online marketplaces would find valuable around payments and payment processing. We are a B2B business so it's important that you have experience managing social media accounts with a B2B focus. The majority of the customers we're looking to target are based in the US.

How we'd like to structure your rate:
- Up to $500/month for the first 1-2 months to get accounts up and running
- Up to $1,000/month from there based on adding in more levels of engagement across accounts
- Potential to increase your rate and time being spent based on results we see in the first few months

At every stage we would like to see regular reports outlining follower growth and engagement across accounts, and understand how you would test distributing content to increase that growth and engagement over time.


Starting immediately, capping at $500/month for the first 1-2 months then ramping up


- Link to at least 3 B2B social media accounts you've managed and indicate the follower growth you were able to achieve for them on each account.

- Share more about how you would approach building up our social presence in the first 1-2 months. How would you report the results of your work and qualify your own success?

- Once we build up our initial presence, how would you help us amplify engagement? What sort of tactics would you use?

This job listing has expired.