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Cambridge Immerse

Cambridge Immerse is a unique two week residential educational experience with a diverse and enriching curriculum, designed for 16-18 year old students. Students reside in one of central Cambridge’s most largest and most beautiful university colleges. Within the college’s historic walls, we pride ourselves on providing unique experiences of leadership and academic excellence through an inspirational programme for participants. With its diverse and enriching curriculum, the programme allows students to explore and further their knowledge of a chosen subject in an unrivalled academic environment. Students emerge more confident and ready to articulate what they have learnt, with knowledge of their chosen fields that provides unparalleled academic insights – and, of course, many unforgettable memories along the way.

Startup, Education
Founded in 2013

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Sean Stevens

Facebook Advertising Manager

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I would like to set up Facebook ads which target hundreds of specific schools, and their students aged 16-18.

I am looking for someone with a wealth of experience in Facebook advertising, and driving conversions.


For 6-12 months


Please let me know examples of projects or campaigns you've worked on.

This job listing has expired.