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Health and wellness network marketing company that revolutionizes preventative medicine worldwide. Named one of Forbes' best employers of 2016.

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Founded in 2007

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Regan Plekenpol

Social Media Guru

Listing published on Wed, 10 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 17 Aug 2016.

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I am looking for someone who is seasoned in social media engagement (mostly Instagram and Facebook, but could be interested in Twitter, Periscope, and more), graphic and website design, video, and blogging. I am trying to revitalize my online presence and take my team more global. Ideally, I'd like someone I can work with to brainstorm, someone who has a fun, creative spirit, and, ultimately, someone who feels passionate about helping people transform their lives physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. This is a high-vibing team with big goals and an international reach. You've got to be ready to roll with the punches and be very flexible as we are still very much in a game-plan stage. Any age welcome to apply, though I am a millennial myself. I live and work between the USA and Shenzhen, China - needless to say, location is not an issue. Everything is negotiable! Extra bonus points if you are bilingual (Chinese, Spanish, or others), but main working language is English.

Currently, we are working on a website that I started designing using Wix ( if you want to check it out) and just beginning to explore the app ZOOM to utilize for online conferencing and training with team members and prospects.

For some context, the company I am working for is called doTERRA, though I have my own personal brand within the larger enterprise called Living Essential Oils, or LEO. My personal brand slogan is tagged "lifebyleo". I am a diamond leader and a China Founder and have a team of 500+ people working underneath me. My main purpose in bringing my business online is to a) cast a wider exposure to the products b) connect my global team to central social media community hubs c) disperse business-building materials and recorded training videos to my team d) share my own lifestyle and inspire others to positively transform their lives.

If this fires you up, we need to talk!


This could potentially be a long-term working relationship - but the commitment would be at least until we have a steady social media plan and a functioning website (mobile and desktop)


I will initially want to have a conversation with you to introduce you to the company because, ultimately, in order to accurately depict our essence and vibe online, you will have to begin to understand what drives us and makes us so passionate!

I'd love to see work that you have done on social media previously, whatever that looks like for you - a successful Instagram following? An awesome feed aesthetic? A well-read and loved blog?

Further, if you have done any website designing, you should certainly share those links as well. My goal is to form a long-standing working partnership and friendship with you - with a lot of brainstorming on the side!

This job listing has expired.