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Musicians Unlimited

Musicians Unlimited is a new approach to creating a communal center for established and aspiring musicians alike to have a place to go to learn, practice, and create music on any and all levels. We are a membership based facility that gives unlimited access to our entire inventory of instruments (which is growing by the day) as well as all of our interactive workstations setup with tablets and touchscreen computers with all of the latest and greatest apps and software for learning whichever instrument of interest. If one on one instruction is preferred, we have a network of instructors available to the open public but at a discounted rate to our members. If your band needs a place to practice, our fully equipped rehearsal space can be rented out by the hour or in 3 hours blocks. When renting the rehearsal space, not only to you get the room and equipment, you get our staff to help you prepare for a performance/gig. If MU wants to get behind your band, our "in house" booking agency will help you line up gigs (so long as mom and dad approve for the kids). When you are ready to record your music, our state of the art recording studio can suit most any artists needs. If MU wants to get behind your music, we could sign you to our "in house" record label. Musicians Unlimited is not just the most affordable way to become a musician but we are a support group for our members. Whether your aspirations are to become a casual or a career musician, Musicians Unlimited can help to make your musical dreams a reality.

Sole Proprietorship, Entertainment
Founded in 2015

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Rhett Skinner

Social Media Marketing for Startup Record Label

Listing published on Thu, 18 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 25 Aug 2016.

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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Looking for someone to help build and maintain an aggressive social media marketing campaign for emerging artists for our startup record label. Finishing the first album for our first artist now. Ready to start campaign in the next few weeks. Link to music for said artist upon request. The first artist is in the hip hop genre but our label is signing a wide variety of acts. Looking for someone that is creative, ambitious, and can help grow our company.


This 1st campaign will last 2-3 months


Must have examples of previous successful social media campaigns.

This job listing has expired.