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Currently, zzenga is a solo LLC (me!) with providing marketing and website design services to clients. We have a couple of very interesting projects on the horizon, so I'm looking for marketing, content, design, and development roles to help me grow zzenga.

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Founded in 2012

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Liam Dillon

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Listing published on Thu, 18 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Thu, 25 Aug 2016.

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We recently launched an events venue in Manchester, the U.K (named "Village Point).. We're in the process of building a heavy online presence to attract prospects to the venue, and setting up some PPC campaigns is an important first step. Our initial focus is to setup some high-performing PPC campaigns to sell tickets to a series of events we will be hosting.

We're looking for someone pro-active and data-driven who can:

- Setup a marketing report in Google Sheets to track KPIs (including ROI for different PPC channels)
- Work with these PPC platforms: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads
- Confirgure campaigns with Eventbrite ticket sales pages to track conversions
- Drive traffic to Eventbrite sales pages
- Track overall campaign performance on a per-channel basis
- Track conversions
- Make recommendations for other ad platforms suitable for our business

You will be given ad creatives to work with, and
Responsible for ad copy, headlines, etc

Please be familiar with:
- Google Sheets
- Google Analytics
- Basecamp

Looking forward to developing a working relationship with someone who can help us drive sales.

Hiring ASAP.


Looking to work with a freelancer on a long term basis. Let's track campaign performance over the first 1-2 months go, then re-evaluate.


Any PPC-related success stories, marketing report templates, or other content related to the above.

This job listing has expired.