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Helps real estate agents get listings by providing a method to stand apart in the marketplace based on the high quality of their location. Helps agents get listings, helps buyers find the perfect home, and helps sellers get the best sales terms.

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Press Coverage Targeting Real Estate Agents

Listing published on Wed, 24 Aug 2016. Expired over 6 years ago on Wed, 31 Aug 2016.

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We are seeking someone to help get us press coverage (online and print) among national publications targeting real estate agents and brokers operating in the residential space. Examples of publications would be REALTOR magazine, RealtyTimes. Coverage in the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek magazine may also be possible because of the 'big-data' angle of the business. We recently were covered by Inman because of the provocative nature of our business (google search for "inman location certified". This aspect of the business will make it somewhat easier to get coverage because it tends to spark write-ins and conversation.


Let's see how it goes. If successful, could be 6 months or so.


Ideas on which relevant journals/publications you can engage.

This job listing has expired.