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Roomi is a peer to peer marketplace that enables users to finds safe and affordable shared housing and housemates.

Startup, Real Estate & Property
Founded in 2014

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Alex Larsen
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Adam Gleicher

Content Writer/Editor/Curator

Listing published on Thu, 25 Aug 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Thu, 01 Sep 2016.

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Looking for a specialist who will oversee the creation of owned content and thought leadership initiatives to drive awareness, reputation, engagement, lead generation and retention.

-Manage the creation of thought leadership pieces (e.g., white papers, infographics) to drive the CEO’s awareness and position as a solo founder, fundraiser and expert in shared housing.
-The content you oversee should attract a audience to our own thought leadership assets as well as nurture leads.
-Work with external subject matter experts in the plan administration. Know whom to go to, and when.
-Be an arbiter of best practices in grammar, messaging, writing, style and search optimization.
-Understand what content is performing. Maintain a workflow for creating, updating and retiring content.
-Understand our audience and shared housing marketplace specificity.
-Grow newsletter subscriber base by providing readers with regular, helpful content that’s aligned with their interests.
-Function as team’s editorial consultant when necessary. While content creation and curation are the main focus, the team will turn to you to from time to time to champion Roomi’s approachable voice through copy writing and editing.

You’ll need to have:
-BA, BS, BComm degree or equivalent work experience (Journalism, PR, Communications, Marketing)
-5-7 years experience in a Content, In-bound or related marketing role
-Experience with creating compelling messages for different target demographics and working with marketing team where required
-A dual-minded approach: Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use news and data to inform content decisions
-Past experience producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (WP blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
-Enough SEO knowledge to know how to create content that ranks well in search engines
-Superior persuasive writing abilities


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This job listing has expired.