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eSpark Learning

eSpark Learning is enabling students to succeed in school and in life with innovative, differentiated technology. Our student-centered products captivate unique interests, challenge learners at all levels, and inspire creative application.

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Founded in 2010

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Influencer Marketing for Teachers

Listing published on Wed, 07 Sep 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Wed, 14 Sep 2016.

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

This is an awesome project! We just launched a free trial for a brand new product built to engage students (grades 3-8) in authentic learning experiences. And... we need you to help us spread the word!

We have several other acquisition channels underway (paid social, email, etc.), but we need some specific help getting an Influencer program up and running - probably starting with Twitter or Targeted Blogs (and potentially FB or Pinterest).

Why is this such an awesome project? Well, here's three things we know:
1. Teachers love to try new things
2. Teachers love free stuff
3. Teachers love Twitter

All of this adds up to the perfect formula to knock it out of the park with a successful Influencer strategy!

- 500 teachers signing up for our free trial by Sep 30.
- Clear vision for our Influencer strategy through the end of calendar year.

-- A brief "Strategy Doc" (1-2 pg) to paint the vision for our Influencer strategy over next 4 months. (includes: List of potential channels ranked by impact, approach, key metrics, tracking tools).
-- Answers to questions like: Who are we targeting? Why? How are we engaging them?
-- Execution to get us to our goal of 500 signups

-- You'll have a part-time marketing associate to help execute on tasks
-- 10k Twitter handles
-- Budget for prizes/giveaways if that's part of your plan
-- Optional 'hook' to engage influencers - we can ask for Product Feedback
-- Results from Paid FB and Paid Twitter campaigns
-- Starter list of Targeted Blogs
-- A product that students love & teachers want (current CR of landing page ~25%)
-- Our stack now is pretty short: Full Hubspot/GA. No specific social tools.

This project is begging for creativity! Someone who understands what teachers want & how they interact online will succeed!


Current Landing Page:


Completed within 2 weeks.

Time zone preference
Pacific Time (US & Canada) with ±4 hours of overlap.

Please share examples of previous influencer marketing campaigns you've managed. Include details around:
1) Your role in running the campaigns
2) The goals and key metrics for success for the campaigns
3) The results you achieved as a part of managing the campaigns

Do you have previous experience working with teachers or in the education industry? Please tell me more about how you will be able to relate to the teachers we're trying to reach!

This job listing has expired.