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Build the website for

Listing published on Tue, 20 Sep 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Tue, 27 Sep 2016.

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We have a great design for, for both desktop and mobile web, and we're looking to get it built.

It's reasonably simple, has a bit of animation with bubbles moving towards the center as you scroll down on desktop. We're looking for this to be provided as a set of static files (as opposed to hosted on Wordpress etc.), although using a site generator is fine.

Some references for how the site will look:,, (for the movement piece)

I'm in the USA, some of the team is in Australia, but we're comfortable working with developers wherever they are.


Completed within 2 weeks.


1. Can you build this in such a way that it generates static files? It's okay to use a static site generator, but we need static files to be the end result (as opposed to relying on Wordpress / another CMS)

2. Have you built sites with animations like - where as you scroll elements on the page move towards the center?

3. Have you built sites for both desktop and mobile web?

4. Would you prefer the design to be provided as Sketch or Photoshop?

This job listing has expired.